Delta Saloon History

The Beginning

In late 1862, James Malone & Mike McClusky acquired Mrs. Ford's Exchange Saloon and in 1863 changed the name to The Delta. This soon became a place that miners and businessmen alike came to enjoy conversation and get their favorite libations. Some came for a fancy drink, others came for the ales and porter on draught and in bottles, while enjoying the amusement of shuffleboard and other games.

The Suicide Table

Just as The Delta has changed hands over the many years, so has the The Infamous Suicide Table. It's hard to say when the old Faro table made The Delta it's permanent home exactly, but it's legend tells of losses, sorrow and suicide. Near the current placement of The Suicide Table in The Delta Saloon, located at 18 S C Street, there are reports of noises, footsteps late at night, and occasional shadows. 

Stories of abnormal occurrences date all the way back to 1872, when a service bell near the old faro table would rang without known cause. While weird, no one really gave it another thought until this happened again. Nearing the stoke of midnight the bell rang 10 times by itself.